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Monday, May 19: Autistic Son Told Not to Attend Church, Pope Accord Against Cluster Bombs, Americans Find Divorce ‘Morally Acceptable’

May 19th, 2008 · No Comments

Christian news for today includes an article about a restraining order for an autistic boy that prevents him from attending his church, the Pope calling for a “strong and credible” accord against cluster bombs, and a new survey that shows 70% of Americans believe Divorce is “morally acceptable. Let’s get to the brief summaries and links…

A Minnesota mother of a 13-year old boy was told not to bring her autistic son to church, or she would be arrested.

The church Carol Race normally attends with her family took out a restraining order against her son, who can apparently become violent or loud sometimes.

What will Carol Race do? Hopefully work something out with the church, according to article, Sheriff To Mom Of Autistic Son: Don’t Go To Church.

In Catholic news, Pope Benedict XVI called for a “strong and credible” international accord against cluster bombs. The Pope made the comments on the eve of a major international conference on cluster munitions in Dublin, Ireland. In part, he said,

“I hope that thanks to the responsibility of all the participants a strong and credible international instrument can be adopted. We need to remedy the errors of the past and make sure they are not repeated in the future.”

In a Christian Post article today, Aaron Leichman writes how 70 percent of Americans believe divorce is “morally acceptable.” That’s according to a poll by Gallup’s 2008 Values and Beliefs survey.

Leichman indicates the survey figures reflect:

“an 11 percent increase from just 7 years ago and a 3 percent increase from 2 years ago. Only 22 percent of Americans said they believed divorce was “morally wrong,” according to the results.”

For additional survey results, read the article, Survey: 70 Percent of Americans Find Divorce ‘Morally Acceptable’.

That’s it for today. Please come back tomorrow for more!

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