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Wednesday, May 21: Indiana Jones Okay for Christians, Pilots’ Prayers for Landing Answered, Hollywood Worse Than Evolution

May 21st, 2008 · No Comments

The next Indiana Jones movie will be out shortly, and a Christian review checks how it stacks up. In an amazing, must read story, pilots who ran out of gas pray for a safe landing. They get one, and more. And finally for today, another survey that reflects how Christians feel about Hollywood. Let’s get to the links…

Review of latest Indiana Jones movie

Many are anxiously awaiting the new Indiana Jones installment, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. While the epic movie is only a few hours away from release, how does it rate for Christians?

Harry Forbes of the Catholic News Services provides a review of the film. Toward the trail end, he write:

"Parents of children anxious to see the film will need to decide for themselves whether the flagged elements might be worrisome to them or their youngsters, but it seems to us that, a handful of passing curse words (no profanity) and the bloodless violence aside, the film … makes generally unobjectionable viewing for older teens and up."

Of course, you can also always see film, DVD and game reviews through the OnlineBibleWorld page, Christian Entertainment Reviews.

Pilots’ prayers for safe landing answered in message

When two New Zealand pilots ran out of fuel and their engine stops in mid-flight, what were they to do? One thing is for sure, and that’s pray. That’s exactly what they did.

So they make their emergency landing, and then something happens that will put a smile to your face… They stop right next to a sign that reads, "Jesus is Lord." How appropriate!

Check out the story, Sign From God: Pilots’ Prayers for Safe Landing Are Answered.

Hollywood is more dangerous than evolution

And for our final article of the day, another survey relayed in the Christian Post article, Survey: Hollywood More Dangerous than Evolution.

This one has some very interesting results. As an example, the Coral Ridge Ministries’ 2008 Annual Spiritual State of the Nation Survey reports that 89 percent of the more than 13,000 Christians surveyed view Hollywood as "very" dangerous to the nation’s spiritual well-being.

That’s compared to 85 percent who consider Darwinism/evolution the same degree of threat.

Those surveyed also felt the national media is biases and unfair when it comes to covering Christian, moral and religious issues.

Check the article link for more.

That’s all for today. Please come back tomorrow!

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