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Friday, May 23: Schools ‘Indoctrinate’ Pro-Gay Messages, Exam Stress Prayer, District Drops ‘John 3:16′ Ban

May 23rd, 2008 · 1 Comment

Today’s Christian news articles cover schools and students. In the first, Southern Baptists are getting behind a resolution to fight their claim that California schools indoctrinate pro-gay messages. The Church of England provides a prayer to help in fighting exam stress. And finally, a Wisconsin school district drop their ‘John 3:16′ ban after a lawsuit, which pointed out the school allowed demon, Grim Reaper and other images. Let’s get to the links…

California Schools ‘Indoctrinate’ Pro-Gay Messages

A group of Southern Baptists are getting behind a resolution that condemns the California school system for what they claim is a recent "tolerance" campaign endorsing homosexuality.

Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr., a preacher and lecturer in the Southern Baptist denomination, and Bruce N. Shortt, author of The Harsh Truth About Public Schools, created the resolution in response to California Senate Bill 777. Baucham and Shortt claim that SB 777 indoctrinates students:

“to believe that the homosexual, bisexual, and other sexually deviant lifestyles are normal, acceptable, and the moral equivalent of biblical heterosexuality.”

Read the Christian Post article by Aaron Leichman by following Calif. Schools ‘Indoctrinate’ Children with Pro-Gay Messages, Claims Resolution.

Church of England exam stress prayer

Are you a student or a parent, family member, friend of one who stresses over school exams? The Rev Janina Ainsworth, Chief Education Officer for the Church of England, comments:

“Everyone involved in education knows the pressures of the exam season. Whatever one thinks about league tables and the relevance of academic achievement, Christians are called to consider the broader picture. We hope these prayers will be used to give a helpful perspective and a sense of God’s infinite love during testing times.”

One of the prayers available at: reads:

Dear Lord,

Thank you for stories in the Bible that show us that being worried and afraid are common feelings. Thank you even more that with Jesus we too can face storms and massive waves knowing that he is there to calm us.


District Drops ‘John 3:16′ Ban

A Wisconsin high school allowed images of Buddha, the Grim Reaper, demons and more, but banned the reference to John 3:16. No longer.

It took a lawsuit filed by the Alliance Defense Fund to overturn the ban — a ban which caused a student to get a zero for refusing to remove the words "John 3:16" and "a sign of love" from an art project.

Check out this must read WorldNetDaily article by following: District drops ‘John 3:16′ ban – Allowed Hindu, satanic symbols in student work but not Christian.

That’s all for today. Have a safe and blessed weekend!

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