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May 13, 2008: Bush to View Dead See Scroll, British Blasphemy Laws Lifted, Chinese Priests Assess Earthquake, Genetically Modified Human Embryo

May 13th, 2008 · No Comments

Let’s get straight to today’s Christian news highlights! On Thursday, President Bush is scheduled to see a Dead Sea Scroll in a private tour. In Britain, ancient British blasphemy laws have just been abolished.

Also, Chinese priests and Christians are doing everything they can to help out after the magnitude 7.9 earthquake in China. And finally for today, criticism is stirring with news that scientists have genetically altered a human embryo. Let’s get to the links…

The most complete Dead Sea Scroll ever discovered will be displayed in the Israel Museum after a four-decade hiatus.

“This special installation provides visitors with a rare opportunity to view one of the oldest, most complete, and best preserved of the Dead Sea Scrolls,” said James S. Snyder, director of the Israel Museum.

“The Isaiah Scroll, with its timeless message of peace, is one of the most important ancient biblical documents ever discovered,” he said.

The Jerusalem Post also reports that President Bush is scheduled to view the exhibition, called “Swords into Plowshares,” in a private viewing Thursday night.

A campaign to repeal ancient laws of blasphemy and blasphemous libel, which made it illegal to insult Christianity, has been successful. The laws have been abolished by MPs and has now received Royal Assent. For more about this story, read the article, Blasphemy laws are lifted.

Chinese priests had to work around disruptions as they tried to assess the damage from the May 12 earthquake centered under China’s Sichuan province The magnitude 7.9 on May 12 earthquake has killed at least 12,000 people with reports that the death tolls is likely to rise.

For the complete article, read Chinese priests work around disruptions to assess quake damage.

News that scientists have for the first time genetically altered a human embryo is drawing fire from some watchdog groups that say it’s a step toward creating “designer babies,” reports AP writer Malcom Ritter.

An author of the study says the work was focused on stem cells.

“None of us wants to make designer babies,” said Dr. Zev Rosenwaks, director of the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Infertility at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center.

The entire AP article may be read on the Christian Post page, Genetically Modified Human Embryo Stirs Criticism.

That’s if for today. Please stop by tomorrow for more!

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