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May 12, 2008: Pope’s Seclusion Answered, 8 Evangelical Myths, IRS Ban for Pastors, Christian Aid to Burma

May 12th, 2008 · No Comments

Hope you had a great weekend! Last week there was an article about the Pope’s seclusion worth reading. There’s a new article out today regarding the 8 myths of evangelicals. Conservative legal advocates recruit pastors to defy and IRS ban on political preaching. And finally, although it’s been difficult to get visas through the Burmese Government, Christians are doing their best. Let’s get to the links…

81-year-old Pope Benedict XVI has hardly been seen in the last few weeks. A stark contrast to before that time when he was out and visibly about for many hours of the day. Is there a health issue? Nope.

The Catholic News Service reports that the Vatican says the the Pope’s seclusion is nothing new before upcoming major events, and points to his appearances and then disappearances prior to his big visit to the U.S. Check out the article, Pacing the pope: Pope’s seclusion is prudence, not disappearing act.

Myths are abound for many things and many groups. In a Christian Post article entitled the 8 Myths About Evangelicals, Michelle A. Vu reports some of the top evangelical myths as stated by Dr. Michael Lindsay.

Lindsay, author of Faiths in the Halls of Power: How Evangelicals Joined the American Elite, spoke last week at the Pew Forum Religion & Public Life’s “The Faith Angle” conference in Key West, Fla.

Conservative legal advocates are recruiting pastors nationwide to defy an IRS ban on preaching about politicians. The Alliance Defense Fund will ask clergy to deliver sermons about specific candidates on September 28. If the IRS investigates, the legal group will sue to overturn the federal rules, which were enacted in 1954.

For more, read the AP article, Pastors encouraged to violate IRS ban on partisan politics.

Christian aid organizations and churches are rushing emergency aid to hundreds of thousands of people in Burma despite visa difficulties and the enormous scale of the disaster brought on by Cyclone Nargis more than a week ago.

"Supplies will run out unless more aid is allowed into the country." said Ray Hasan, Christian Aid’s Burma expert. “Partners are telling that there are outbreaks of disease already. There is no time to lose."

For the full report, check out: Burma on brink of humanitarian disaster, Christians rush aid.

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by!

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