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May 9, 2008: Latin Online at Vatican, Evangelicals and Global Warming, Christians Not Too Political, Go Alcohol-Free for 40 Days

May 9th, 2008 · No Comments

For a few Christian news headlines today… The Vatican has launched a new Latin site, evangelicals are joining those on political left-side of the aisle to help fight global warning, a new survey asks if Christians are too political, and a charity launches year-round participation in Thirst for Life—a program promoting 40 days free of alcohol. Okay, let’s get to the links…

The Vatican has added a new online website, The new site opens hundreds of papal and other documents available in a new Latin-language section called “Sancta Sedes” (Latin for “Holy See”). For a brief article about the new section, check out Vatican makes Latin-language documents available online.

Evangelicals and other Christian activists are joining environmental organizations from the left in promoting initiatives to fight global warming.

“When evangelicals speak, Republicans listen,” said Richard Cizik, vice president of government affairs for the National Association of Evangelicals. “And Republicans, frankly, are listening to what we’re saying.”

The article, Evangelicals press to fight global warming, goes on to say:

For many religious groups, global warming isn’t a political or environmental issue. It’s a threat to God’s creation.

Are Christians too involved in politics? Not so according to a survey released Wednesday by LifeWay Research. Americans were asked the following to classify how they felt about the statement:

“I am concerned that at times Christians are too involved in politics.”

52 percent disagreed with the statement while 44 percent somewhat or strongly agreed with it. Granted, not a huge majority… For an analysis and further breakouts, read the Christian Post article, Survey: Most Americans Say Christians Not Too Involved in Politics.

And for today’s last Christian news item, how about going alcohol-free for 40 days? That’s what the Thirst for Life (TfL) program created by Hope UK is asking.

“The Thirst for Life campaign is based around the simple premise that if people could stop drinking for 40 days they would start conversations that would then affect other people’s thoughts about drinking,” explains George Ruston, Executive Director of Hope UK.

While the challenge was first started around Lent in 2006, it’s now opened up to year-round participation. For more, check out the Christian Today article, Thirst for Life: Could you go alcohol-free?

That’s all for now. Have a safe, blessed weekend and see you soon!

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